Process Instances not showing on Camunda portal

I am not getting any process instance running, failed or processed on camunda portal. This is same for all the process i deployed on host. I am working on Camunda-Springboot-Gradle project. Kindly help on this topic

Can you upload your model?

This is my models. Not showing any Process instance records.

This view of cockpit would only show a token if the process was still running - since this process has no wait states (e.g. message event, user task etc.) there is nothing to show.

So This model processed successfully will not show any record of processed. Right ?
Can i get instance ID of the completed process?

Not in the open source version of cockpit - but you can query the history of your process via the REST API

Can i get intanceId of completed process?
Currently not getting any instance ID from code below.
ProcessInstance instanceId = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(“InitiateProcess”, processVariables2);

Well what exactly happens you run it - and where are you running it from and what is your expectation?

Another application is calling our API which is will handled in Requestcontroller (Springboot)
The APi inturns execute the Camunda BPM flow.
Eash service task in BPM flow is calling .NET microservice and getting response back.
Our exepectation is to see BPm processed completed in Camunda portal and also get Instance ID of executed flow

			 VariableMap processVariables2 = Variables.createVariables()
			 .putValue("Payload", str.get(0))
			 .putValue("System", str.get(1))
			 .putValue("SAPStatusRequestURL", sapstatusrequesturl)
			 .putValue("SAPUpdateStatusURL", sapupdatestatusurl)
			 .putValue("SAPStatusRequestCounter", 0)
			 .putValue("SAPUpdateStatusCounter", 0);

			 ProcessInstance instanceId = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("InitiateProcess", processVariables2);

Ok and what exactly happens when the code runs?
Is the ProcessInstance populated?

Getting below value for ProcessInstance instanceId =


Thats expected - you then just need to get the id from the object.

Thanks for all your replies.
last question. If any of the service task failed in this flow then
can i see that failure record on camunda portal??
Also can i start the flow again from the point of failure??