Process Key vs. Id in camunda modeler


I think I know about the differences between the process id and the process key, as described in Process Versioning | for example.

The camunda modeler has an input field labelled with “Id” which seems to fill the process key. Do you intend to solve this inconsistency. In my opinion the input field should also be labelled with “key”.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
Carsten Spieker

Hi Carsten,

This is not an inconsistency. The input field Id maps to the id of the process XML element. Thus, Id is the correct label.

It is correct that when you deploy the model to the Camunda engine, the ID becomes the key of the deployed process definition (since the ID of the deployed definition is a generated UUID). However, Camunda Modeler is not coupled to Camunda BPM, so replacing ID by Key in the properties panel would cause misunderstandings for everyone who does not use Camunda BPM for automation.

Perhaps the label can be improved nonetheless. If you have an idea, feel free to share it.


How about making this configurable, so the (felt) majority of users can see the “key” label if required? I also spent some time in every project until all developers new to camunda know what to fill in. Especially when pools are involved and more “ids” show up.