Process management and creating process manual documents?

Hello all,

I’ve been using Camunda 8 Enterprise extensively during my previous job, and now, the clients are requiring process documentation and management, before going into process automation.

I know that Camunda doesn’t support generating process manual documents or sorting processes based on departments and units.

Do you think there is a way to use Camunda in a custom way, by:

  1. Organizing the process into units and departments (process owners)
  2. Adding custom fields to steps inside the BPMN for example for process steps and descriptions…
  3. Generating a word document out of a process with a template

If you can help me out in this, I think I can introduce Camunda to many new clients.

Thanks for sharing the feedback. Do you have any BPM products which has this feature and Camunda is missing on the process documentation?

Yeah, for example, ARIS Software AG

Sababneh, I export my BPMN models to a ,png file and then paste them into Word documents to create Work Instructions and Procedures. I do this quite often… and the Workers LOVE them. You do have to be aware of the width of the BPMN model image when creating them to be pasted into documents. However, you can split up the process models using connectors.


This is exactly what I’m looking for, normally BPM system create the document automatically, and there is a detailed steps table under each diagram which is the number of the step and the details of it, like, description, owner, input and output.

This would require a lot of manual work to do it from scratch.