Process Migration when a new pool is added

Hi Folks,

I was just playing around with the process migration feature in cockpit in 7.5-alpha3 and i noticed that if i add a another pool to the new version the migration doesn’t find the corresponding task.

Just thought i’d mention it, specifically to @menski :slightly_smiling:

Hey Niall,

Thanks for reporting. Can you post the exception please? In general, it is currently not yet supported that the target process definition introduces new event subprocesses. So the exception should contain a message hinting in that direction. If it is more cryptic or not related to that, we might see a different problem here.


Hi @Niall,

just to make sure, is this about:

  1. executing the migration with the Java API and getting an exception or
  2. missing the auto generated migration instruction for “Enter Weather” in Cockpit


It’s more so about the fact that while in cockpit i wasn’t sure what i could do to migrate the process what that lovely little yellow triangle shows up.

Okay so the auto generated plan is missing this instruction. FYI @sebastian.stamm is currently working on CAM-5675 which will allow you to add instructions in cockpit manually.

Could you share the BPMN XML files?

process.bpmn (12.8 KB)

process (1).bpmn (6.0 KB)

These are both versions of the same model.

I just had a look into the models. The reason why there is no instruction mapping the user task is indeed the presence of the event subprocess in the target process. When we support these, the problem should be resolved.