Process Model and Java Class

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier , @Hafflgav ,
I am deploying process application with java delegate and process definition to the application server .
I can see process deployment is getting save in DB in one Table ( procinst ). but what about java classes they also get store in DB or they get versioned ?
and what about .classpth file ?

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I think you might have a misunderstanding.

act_hi_procinst is a history table, showing you the process instance, not the deployment.

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Hi @GotnOGuts ,
Thank you for quick response , I went through above link , So no data is saving from process model to DB . Can you tell me little more after deploying process application with java delegate and process definition to the application server

  1. What about java class ( about versions ) ?
  2. what is classpath ?

I think you’ve still misunderstood.

A Process Instance is a particular execution of a process, not the definition of the process.
The table that you indicated you believe holds the definition of the process was the actually the history table indicating what had happened during a particular execution of a process after newer records for that execution became available.

The data from the process instance is what is being stored in the DB.

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The BPMN XML file is saved into ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY from what I can find on the Forum.
The Java Delegate is stored locally to the server in the file system, where the Java VM can find it, which would mean that it is not automatically versioned.

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It might also be worthwhile reading through

Which describes what happens during deployment.

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Thanks @GotnOGuts ,
So after deployment processes.xml file will add to the classpath , this concept I understood , if Java classes are there that will not be versioned , that will store locally to server in file System , One last doubt It means java classes will not be stored in H2 database right ?

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Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier and @GotnOGuts

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier , @GotnOGuts ,
One last doubt instead of java class suppose I am working with rest API , there are multiple deployments in BPMN ,So
a. Rest API is embedded with engine
b. It get deploy by default
c. It deploy as its own webapp
which one is correct ? I got this Question , I am not aware about this