Process orchestration

Hello all,
I just started using camunda and joined this wonderful community.

Im trying to use modeler for a pretty complex process, but im unfortunately having trouble doing it the right way.

Lets say we are an insurance company for example, and a customer wants to subsribe to some policy.

  • We have then a first user who enters all data needed for this subscription and the asks user 2 for validation,
  • user 2 executes a bunch of controls, and returns the request to user 1 if needed. If all is good, there are a third and a fourth users in charge of taking a final decision.
  • users 3 and 4 may request an information complement from user 1.

I thought of creating into the user1’s lane a subprocess that starts when a complement request is needed and ends by answering this request.

But since it’s supposed to be used by both users 3 and 4, it turns out its not the best option to design the process.

Im really a bpmn/camunda beginner, and can’t find a similar case. Maybe some of you may help with this issue :relaxed::relaxed:

Thank you !


More information is needed about the desired model, for example should the task be completed by user 3 and user 4 in a sequential or parallel way?
Its better that you share your bpmn model and then we will complete it together :slight_smile:

Hi @BFZ,

Something similar to below model should serve your requirements

In the above model, I didn’t use lanes as using it will make it more complicated since sub-process can’t span over the lanes.

If process is started by user 1 then model could be as follow

Hello all,

Thank you for your help.
My process would like the above.

Thank you for your reply. i just added my model for more details.

Thanks for your help.
Does this imply that user 3 can still perform some tasks while additional information is requested from user 1?

Hi @BFZ,

Keep in mind that event sub-process could only be triggered while it’s containing scope has active token(s).

Yes, as non-interrupting start event is used in the given example.

In your model, I believe non-interrupting start event for the event sub-process should be used or otherwise the active instance(s) of user1’s pool will get interrupted once a message “request for info” is received.

Also direct communication with user tasks from a different pool is not allowed so communicating to the Task 1 in the returned case is not valid

This is actually the case in my process.
Request for additional information should be interrupting.