Process stuck at a service task

Event Process.bpmn (31.5 KB)

Sometimes the process stucks in a service task and it requires to remove deployment and redeploy again to pass the service task any advise please?

@Niall Please help me

Please provide some additional information on your issue. Usually, some useful things to provide are:

  1. Application server, database, JDK version, etc;
  2. Process engine configuration;
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue or example project.
  4. Any logs/stack traces that are shown when the process is started.

Camnuda server tomcat
Database is sql server
camunda version 7.15
No custom process engine configurations
Java 16

there’s no java project the proccess is used to orchestrate .NET backend

OK, so you use the external task pattern, with .NET workers that subscribe to topics?
The problem is that the workers are not locking the jobs or that the jobs are not being completed?

any documentation to external task pattern?
no the problem is two things something the service task dose not complete and over and over getting OptimisticLockingException

Thats pretty important information you left until now.
I took at look at your model and it seems like you’re using Connectors instead of External Tasks.

The problem is likely caused by the face that you’ve ticked async-before on on your service task but unticked exclusive

Thats always going to cause you problems. You need to read more about transactions in order to understand whats going on and you’re going to need to do some re-modeling of your process to fix it.

@Niall I’ve read about it but what kind of remodeling do you suggest?

You need to think about the model in terms of transactions. so adding transaction boundaries in the right places will things.

Hi @IbrahimTaha,

other members reported problems running Camunda on Java 16 and using external pattern.

Java 16 isn’t officially supported. You should switch to another Java version.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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