Process stuck/frozen

Occasionally a user task is pausing, it shows no user tasks available but is also not progressing to the next state. Given some more time 10-15 minutes, another user task will appear to process.
When trying to manually push process to next step, the rest call hangs

No obvious errors are available in the camunda logging. System seems to be under normal cpu/memory load

Is there any recommendations on how to identify this slowness, why is there no indication or processing but no process movement or tasks
Is there additional logging which can be enabled?

Camunda version 7.8

Hi Wesley,

What is your setup - server, db, share/embedded engine?
When does a process stuck, when you complete a user task?
Is the hanging appear only when working with user tasks?
Could you please upload a process with such task?
Is it related to all of your tasks or just particular ones?
Are this task asynchronous?

Best regards,