Process variable update in activity not reflected in parent process

I am updating the process variable like below inside an activity (CMMN).

VariableMap variableMap = Variables.fromMap(JsonUtils.convertToMap(caseData));
processEngine.getCaseService().setVariables(caseCMMNInstanceId, variableMap);

and when I try to retrieve the same in the parent process (BPMN) like below. The updated values are not reflected back to the parent. Is that expected?

I was expecting the process variable visiblity as global seems like which is not the case. Am I correct?

Map<String, Object> variables = processEngine.getRuntimeService()

How are the both models linked? Are you sure they are running in the same instance and not in different ones, thus not being able to accept each others variables?

@sdibernardo They care linked with “CallActivity Type”: “CMMN” like attached in the image

And do you know, what id link process and activity? (except businessKey)

As of now, I am updating the process variables in both parent process and activity to keep the data in sync :frowning: by getting the processId like below.

 ProcessInstance processInstance = processEngine.getRuntimeService()