Process variables and form variables

as am new to camunda,what are process variables?
i want to know the difference between form variables and process variables…gone through docs but didnt get clear idea.

These are variables that you define/use in your process model that aid you in determining you process execution logic, routing logic, making decisions …etc.
There are various scopes of your variable, at the main process level, sub-process level …etc. These variables are available throughout your process execution context and they can be defined eithe when you begin the process, somewhere in between, they can be declared in your java delegate code and passed on to the process model …etc. There are various ways you can play around with process variables. It all depends on your requirements.

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Hi @lannister,

A process variable is just a value holder where form field is a more elegant version of a process instance variable with some other characteristics (validators, default value, label) which could be easily defined directly in the BPMN 2.0 model and to be used by camunda engine to generate HTML task forms automatically.

Each form field has a corresponding process instance variable with same name as its name to hold its value.