ProcessDefinitionEntity attributes does not implement Serializable interface

I’m trying to use Memcache to store Deployment related metadata, but getting below exception-

Remote Cache ‘processDefinitionEntityCache’ Exception for key:‘a9088e25-d06f-11ec-892f-0242ac1d001a’, namespaceKey: ‘undefined’, remoteCacheKey: ‘pr_eng#coke:processDefinitionEntityCache:a9088e25-d06f-11ec-892f-0242ac1d001a’, msg: Non-serializable object, cause ex:, cause msg: org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.history.parser.ProcessInstanceEndListener

ProcessDefinitionEntity though implements serializable interface; not all attributes of ProcessDefinitionEntity implements it!! e,g - StartFormHandler attribute of ProcessDefinitionEntity does not implement Serializable interface, thus resulting in above error? Any clue on this?

@Suhas_Kulkarni Did you check the supported databases by camunda?

Yes, We use Oracle DB… But my question is about using distributed memcache for storing deployment metadata like - processDefinitionEntity - this class doesn’t have all attributes implementing Serializable interface - which is must to store them into distributed cache !!