Processes stuck because of process variable serializer not found


We are on Camunda 7.6.2 EE and applied required patches.

Most of the processes are working fine as expected except few processes getting stuck with below error

Error while evaluating expression: ${CSI_CONTIVO_IWWOD_RESPONSE}. Cause: ENGINE-03040 No serializer defined for variable instance ‘org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.persistence.entity.util.TypedValueField@1a729a8c’

${CSI_CONTIVO_IWWOD_RESPONSE} is a string variable and declared as text in bpmn.

What would be the cause for this behavior?


Hi @manojkumar,

can you provide a failing test case which demonstrates the problem?

Best regards,

We found a camunda instance with old code base processing transactions from same database and causing these exceptions. We are seeing no issues after bringing down the instance with old code. Issue 3894 I posted earlier is also resolved. Thanks.