Processes.xml and persistence.xml


I have three jar files with the bpmn files, and each jar file has default processes.xml under src/main/resources/MET-INF/processes.xml

All three jars have similar processes.xml files. We have noticed that sometimes Camunda cockpit doesn’t load all the bpmn processes. Please advice what could cause this issue. Also, do I need to have persistence.xml under the same folder structure?

<process-archive name="archive1">
        <property name="isDeleteUponUndeploy">false</property>
        <property name="isScanForProcessDefinitions">true</property>

Hi @Pramod_Varda,

do you use the same value for the name attribute in all processes.xml?
Have you more process engines than the “default” process engine?


We are using different name attribute in our processes.xml
This is an embedded camunda spring boot application where “main.jar” has the process application annotated @EnableProcessApplication. The main.jar contains two more jars packaged which also contain bpmn file. The main.jar application is deployed in Docker/Kubernetes environment.


Since we have isScanForProcessDefinitions set to “true”, my understanding is Camunda scans for any bpmn files present in the classpath. But we don’t see that happening because the bpmn processes present in app1.jar and app2.jar are not loaded in cockpit.

Also, do we need to add this tag in our processes.xml?

< process-engine>default< /process-engine>


Hi @Pramod_Varda,

it is not necessary to add


to you processes.xml. You need it only when you have more than one process engines or you don’t have one with name default.

Do you try to use the auto deployment feature of your Spring Boot Application?
Please see our documentation and examples for more information: