Proper referencing of deployed embedded HTML forms

I’m trying to deploy some HTML forms to a Spring Boot application integrated with Camunda and connect said forms to user tasks in the Modeler. I’ve managed to deploy the forms (below is a screenshot of the deployment in Camunda Cockpit)

However, when trying to bind the forms to a user task in the modeler, i cannot use say


this gets me a [Form failure: The context path is either empty or not defined] error.
Strangely, it works with a Camunda Form, as in


although the path format in cockpit is exactly the same.

I can bind the HTML form with


This works fine. However, it will never work in production, since it is an absolute classpath.

So, there is something I am missing. How can I deploy HTML files with a relative classpath?

Thanks in advance.

Hi EBrancher, welcome to the Camunda forum !

Where are your forms located in your Springboot application?
I’ve a working example where they are placed under resources/static/forms

and in the Modeler I reference them like this:

And it works.

Hey Enrico, thanks for your reply. The method you propose requires using @EnableProcessApplication as a spring boot annotation. However, for some reason, activating this annotation seems to create problems with other dependencies in my project, and causes a 401 HTTP error when logging into Camunda Tasklist. So I am trying a deployment approach, but this approach has issues with the classpath.