Properties Panel autopopulate (Adding custom Elements to BPMN Properties panel.)

I hope I have placed this in correct question category.

I was trying to auto populate the property panel as soon as a element is dragged on screen from Palette.

Here as you can see,
I have a camunda properties panel.
I got to here by cloning the properties panel extension example and adding CamundaPlatformPropertiesProviderModule.

I need to the java class etc fields to be auto populated as per my wish,(I would upload a template schema in JSON for it).

I saw a article from 2017 about same, Adding custom Elements to BPMN Properties panel.,

But the code or method they listed is not in my Node modules.

What is the new updated method for 2022 Version of BPMN.

Will be thankful for any info/leads :star:

Is there any update or answers for this ?
Thanks in advance :rose: