Python deployment to tomcat

In camunda7 with tomcat. We currently create a maven project (java) which is made into a deployable file (.war) and paste in deployment folder of the server. Is there a way to do this in python (not talking about the external task)
How to deploy .war files with camunda7 without the tomcat server, but have a self contained spring boot.

you can create a spring boot application and include Camunda bpm inside so that you can deploy it as a jar. Only jar can be deployed without a tomcat server.

If you could post your requirement in detail, that would be helpful.


I am working on a POC. So I am exploring different options:

  1. how to deploy jar file in camunda without tomcat server
  2. Can I deploy django/ any python web app) similar to springboot application on camunda with tomcat. Other way is to use jpython in spring boot application