Python Script / Connecting Python with Camunda

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i want to create a simple Python Script and i want to connect it with my Bpm process does anyone of you knows how i can connect the Process BPM and the Python Script ?

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Sounds like exactly the kind of thing that @Nele would be able to help with

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Hey @chahramane_hafid,

For Camunda 8 you need to use Service Task within your BPMN process. Camunda 8 implements the Service tasks with the help of job workers. We have a community build job worker for Python called Pyzeebe. You need to wrap the PyZeebe Worker around your script and then start your Python application. If you use Camunda 8 SaaS make sure to include your Cluster credentials so the worker can connect to your Cluster.

You are looking into Camunda 8 and not Camunda 7 right?

I hope that helps, Cheers

@Nele Thank you for your answer i use acctualy camunda 7 not the 8