Python zeebe-grpc


I just uploaded a zeebe-grpc package on PyPi ( so it can be directly included in any Python projects.

We are using this package to develop several zeebe Python Workers and Clients.

Please note that the files are “generated” following the instructions on this blog post:

Any comments are welcome. Please report Issues here:


Thanks very much for this, @gizmo84!

Quick check: were there any issues with using the blog post as a reference because important info was out-of-date? It’s almost 6 months old at this point, and we haven’t updated it since it was originally published. I’d like to get a guide similar to the blog post into the docs at some point, but not sure when we’ll get to it, and it’d be nice for the blog post to fill that gap for as long as possible :slight_smile:

@wints I only noticed one issue:

I think the Signature of ActivateJobRequest has changed since 0.17.0: the “amount” parameter has changed to “maxJobsToActivate”. So the the Python Code had to be changed:

maxJobsToActivate = 32 vs. amount = 32

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Juste updated the zeebe-grpc package. Now build with grpcio-1.20.0 and updated dependency on it.

Ok, last release was brocken. Bump version to 0.17.post4 :slight_smile:

Can you please update the blog?

Hi @rewantsoni, I added a note to the top of the blog post so it’s clear we haven’t updated it changes to Zeebe’s protocol, but for now, we are going to leave it as-is. Note that the general steps listed there will still work with newer versions of Zeebe, but you’ll need to check the current gateway.proto file for changes to the protocol.

But if we ever move these steps into the documentation, we’ll be sure to keep it up to date.


Once again I updated the package against zeebe 0.20 and added a first example how to get the cluster topology in the README.

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Hi @gizmo84, thanks for your contribution! Feel free to open a PR and add it to our list of awesome existing clients!

So first PR ever on Github! I hope I did it right :slight_smile:



Did you had time to check it?


I merged the PR @gizmo84. Thanks for your contribution!

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So new zeebe version = new python-grpc version :slight_smile: (

The build/publish workflow is now entirely automated through gitlabci.

I published two more repositories (with basic client and worker) to be able to test zeebe-grpc:

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This is awesome! Thanks for doing this.

Again: new zeebe version = new python-grpc version :slight_smile: (


Can someone help me?

I getting error running the readme code example:

Cannot invoke RPC on closed channel

And error happens on that line:
topology = stub.Topology (gateway_pb2.TopologyRequest ())

I´m completely new with this.

Hi @nirsurossi,

can you please post a little bit more code? Where do you run your zeebe brocker? On your local machine?

Forget. It was my fault