Quarkus Interoperability

I was wondering if there would be any plan in community edition of Camunda to make Camunda platform compatible with Quarkus ?

You can watch the tracking issue here: https://jira.camunda.com/browse/CAM-11410

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Hey, is anyone actively working on the follow-up stories for the umbrella one about quarkus support?


The fix version for CAM-13628 is set to 7.16.0, which is supposed to be next release if I am not mistaken?

Hi @unexist
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We’re working on having Quarkus compatible with the Camunda Engine in the next release.
But keep in mind that this would be the first iteration and that we’re only aiming to have the engine itself run on Quarkus, we’re not sure yet about the REST API or the Webapps.

Hey @Niall, thanks for the welcome, the heads up and looking into this. :blush:

Embedding the REST engine and also providing the datasource (although quarkus doesn’t support JNDI) works - so my actual problem is the integration of engine-cdi.

CAM-13562 covers the CDI part, but unfortunately hasn’t has a fix version yet.

Just for my personal interest, is there some kind of schedule, when 7.16.0 will be ready?

You’ll be delighted to know that we have a very specific schedule. :slight_smile:

I would suggest checking out the alpha releases. The feature will show up there first before it shows up in the minor release and if you wanted to try it out and give us feedback that would be great.

Now - i have a question for you :slight_smile:
Just for my own interest, why is it that you’ve decided to use Quarkus over the alternatives?

Ah thanks - I’ve found this diagram as well, but wasn’t quite sure how to actually read it. So please correct me: A first release can be expected in October?

I’ll gladly look into it and post my findings! :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably fair, after I’ve asked so many questions. I am currently evaluating, how well Camunda works in Quarkus, since we’ve picked it as a main platform for a cloud-native project. The main drivers are resource usage, startup time and MicroProfile.

Indeedy, 2nd Tuesday of October the 7.16.0 release will happen

I’m interested given that things you’ve listed there if you looked into micronaut as an option?
We’ve got a bunch of people in the community who are interested in startup time, low resource consumption etc. and in recent times they’ve tended to use micronaut.

There’s even a really well maintained community extension for it. GitHub - camunda-community-hub/micronaut-camunda-bpm: Integration between Micronaut and Camunda (Workflow Engine). We configure Camunda with sensible defaults, so that you can get started with minimum configuration: simply add a dependency in your Micronaut project to embed the workflow engine!

Great, looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

Actually Micronaut is already on my list to look into, originally to check the aspect-oriented capabilities, since didn’t know about an integration of Camunda there. This is probably more for my personal interest, because we have a split between Spring and Quarkus and supporting a third one is too much fragmentation in respect to the team size.

Still thanks for pointing out! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, I finally had some time go give the alpha4 a try.

It’s looking promising, although I still see some issues with Spin. Camunda cannot find the deserializer for the ObjectValue which I know is quite a common problem within this forum.

I’ve added the required artifacts of Spin as a dependency and my other examples work exactly like that. Is there still something amiss?

Here is the repo, it is probably easier instead of just posting random snippets: