Query jobs spawned by boundary events

I’m looking for a way to query jobs (timer, message) that have been spawned via boundary events of an activity. It’s easy to retrieve jobs from intermediary event activities as I can pass

  processInstanceId: 'anId',
  activityId: 'interEventId'

to the REST API at /jobs but I haven’t found a way to get all message listeners that are bound to a simple user task.

I assume I’ll need to retrieve the activity ids of the boundary events of the task, but there doesn’t seem to be a straight forward way of doing so? Only thing that I came up with as of yet is parsing the BPMN XML locally, but that seems kind of convoluted. Is there some nicer way of doing this?

Hi @bentrm,

I think there is no other way than parsing the BPMN XML to identify boundary events of an activity and then query by that. If you are making that query from Java, the bpmn model API may help you with parsing.