Query On Complex Gateway

In desktop modeler I can see there is a complex gateway but when I search for documentation in camunda 7( Gateways | docs.camunda.org) I don’t see any sign of complex gateway.

May I know whether it is supported? If yes, please share documentation link.

The Complex gateway is a symbol that is only really useful for non-executable models.
So it’s available in the modeler - but only if you’re modeling for documentation.

So, correct me if my understanding is wrong,

You mean to say, this is for documentation purpose, it has no functionality.

Am I correct?

Indeed, It’s logic is too vague to be executable and so it’s not really needed for execution.

Hello my friend!

@camundabpmlearner If you have an idea and thought about using the complex gateway, share your idea and we will try to help you with a executable good solution for your case.


William Robert Alves