Query On Querying/Searching Process Instance Details

I would like to know, how can we query zeebe process instance details(running/history). As I know zeebe gRPC api doesnt support this and the only way to query is using OPERATE API(ReST). But in case if we go with open source, OPERATE doesn’t comes with it. So, is there an alternative for this?

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @camundabpmlearner - exporters are the answer!

Hi @nathan.loding
Thank you for the details. Is there any example of accessing exporter in client? say java/golang etc.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @camundabpmlearner - you wouldn’t call the exporter from a client. The exporter would take the stream of data coming from Zeebe and store it somewhere. By default, Zeebe uses an Elasticsearch exporter, but there are additional community contributed exporters available. Your client would query the data out of whatever data store the exporter is writing to. The zeebe-simple-monitor and zeebe-simple-tasklist applications are some examples you can look at for interacting with exported data.

Hi @nathan.loding,
Ok. What I understood from this is, either directly write ElasticSearch Query or arrange exporter(say hazelcast) and get the data from that.

Is my understanding is correct?

@camundabpmlearner - correct! Zeebe supports multiple exporters, so you can combine them however you need. You can also develop your own exporter if the data store you would like to use doesn’t have one already. Once the data is exported to that data store, you can query it and make use of it however you need!

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