Query Regarding Compatibility of Camunda Engine 7.10.0 with AWS Instance Types

Hello Camunda Community,

I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve been using Camunda Engine version 7.10.0 in my project with AWS db.m6g instances for the database, and everything has been working smoothly. Now, I’m exploring the possibility of deploying Camunda Engine with AWS db.m7g instances for the database as well.

I’ve thoroughly reviewed the official documentation and release notes for Camunda Engine 7.10.0, but I couldn’t find explicit information about compatibility with db.m7g instances. Before proceeding with deployment, I wanted to reach out to the community to inquire if anyone has experience or insights regarding this compatibility.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. Has anyone successfully deployed Camunda Engine 7.10.0 with AWS db.m7g instances?
  2. Considering my successful experience with db.m6g instances, are there any significant differences or considerations when using db.m7g instances with Camunda Engine 7.10.0?
  3. Are there any recommended configurations or best practices for deploying Camunda Engine 7.10.0 with AWS instances, particularly db.m7g?

Any insights, experiences, or advice regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,