Question about define and execute some calculation on output entry for DMN

I am trying to evaluate DMN engin in a typical scenario of insurance industry for fee calculation, which based on lot of life rate table. for exmaple, when a person with condition of :40 ages, male, then he should get the result of $100 for base $1000 unit, and when he buy $5000 product, the final result would be $100 * 5. while I am trying to design condition table in modeler, seems could not working out in one condition table. my question is if it is supported in camunda DMN to write a formular base on output entry and some input variable?

Hi @LiuHan-beijing,

you can use an expression for an output entry. An expression could be a calculation or something else. By default, the expression language is JUEL. An example could be ${amount * 100}.

Does this help you?

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thank you very much for you so quick reply.

I am confused where to define expression for output entry on modeler v1.8, as on output entry, it is forbbiden to enter anything.

sorry about it, it is ok to type in the edit box, whereas I did not found ti works just now, sorry, it is ok now.