Question about PRR(Production Rule Representation)

We know that DMN describe the decision requirement, the decision logic can be described with PMML and PRR(a model language of business rule engine). I am searching for a long time to find a business rule engine standard an implementation. Anyone know why the PRR standard is at standstill? Any other popular standard of business rule engine alternative?

What kind of business logic are you interested in creating? Does DMN not fit the requirements?

I am just adding to the thread explanation about PMML from OMG
Taken from:

Decision Models versus Production Rules

The most common format2
for BPM users to represent business rules is the decision
table. This provides a common set of condition and action statements, with the table
providing different values representing different rules. Some systems map decision
tables to a specific algorithm; others will map them to component production rules.
Similar models are decision trees and decision graphs.
Note that decision models output from Predictive Analytics tools may or may not be
usefully mapped to production rules. One example might be a segmentation model
representing a decision tree segmenting customers for marketing offers, which maps
to a decision tree and thence production rules. Alternatively a model type such as a
neural net representing a face-recognition feature will not usefully map to production
rules. Often such analytics tools generate models in a language called PMML
(Predictive Model Markup Language).