Questions Evaluating Camunda

Hi Camunda Community!

I’ve been diving in over the last few days and I’m impressed so far. We are considering using Camunda primarily as a microservice orchestration layer through the ExternalTask feature. I have a couple questions regarding how best to integrate Camunda and the modeler into the software development process. We use Github and code review process and given that Camunda plays a role in software execution, what are best practices when it comes to code review/version control? Similarly, what are some good ways to integrate versioning into multiple environments such as stage and production environments? Also curious about how people have incorporated Camunda into CICD process.

Any feedback will be appreciated!


Daron Stinnett
VP of Engineering @ Finexio Inc

Hi @daronstinnett
Welcome to the community.

Glad you’re having a good experience so far with Camunda.
Generally your process storing source in github and doing code review really shouldn’t change. You should be thinking of a BPMN model as code to be tested like any other part of the source. We even have a really cool testing framework to ensure your models will work as expected when deployed. Check out the best practice guide for more details.

If you’re using the external task pattern then you’re business logic can tested independently and then you’d just need to run integration test once all individual components pass their testing.

Hope that helps.