Questions related to Camunda 7 for presentation

Hey there, hope you all have a great day today!

I understand that some of those questions may be a little hard to answer now but I have a meeting today where I will need to answer a few questions about Camunda, and the forum I thought it could be the fastest place to help me.

We’ve been using Camunda 7 Community Edition for building our flows and its working wonderfully, but I need to answer a few questions today, that so far I couldn’t really find help.

  • Camunda Optimize for the Camunda 7 is a payed tool, can I only buy the tool, or do I need to pay for a subscription? If so, can I have just an idea for how much it costs?

  • Does Camunda offers support in Latin America?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @victorguidi,

all our offerings are payed subscriptions. We would like to get your money next year again, so we do a lot to make you happy, like support, new features, access to Optimize and …

The costs depend on how many (root) process instances you start during a year, how many decisions you evaluate and how many users are working on user tasks. A colleague will get in touch with you if you write them here: Contact Us | Camunda

We already have customers in Latin America that use our Support.

Hope this helps, Ingo