Quickstart failed to start command 'echo'

I’am following the Quickstart and run this command in Windows 10.
zbctl create worker test-worker --handler "echo {\"return\":\"Pong\"}"

I have tried both cmd and Powershell and get this error:
failed to start command 'echo {" return\:\Pong\}': exec: "echo": executable file not found in %PATH%
How can I run the worker without error in Windows 10?

And how do I stop the worker from cmd?

One solution: use a Linux subsystem terminal in Windows.

Otherwise, I’d say the worker is trying to spawn a command, and echo is probably parsed by the Powershell/cmd command processor itself, rather than a separate executable that can be spawned/forked like it is in Linux.

So, in that case you have to use a binary that can be spawned, or invoke the command processor with echo as a parameter, or something similar.

Does that make sense?

Thanks jwulf.
Switching to WSL on Windows 10 worked :grinning:

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