Reactive workflow execution with Camunda

I have very recently started to learn about Camunda. I want to combine reactive programming approach with formal business process definitions and I came across this presentation at CamundaCon 2019.

Reactive Microservice Orchestration with Camunda (CamundaCon 2019)

Unfortunately I don’t yet understand the Camunda internals well enough to be able to completely parse this approach (such as where the “ExecutionDelegate” would be instantiated and executed). Does anyone know if there is more information somewhere on this approach or a github repository perhaps?

Bernd Ruecker also was going to do a keynote on this topic at CamundaCon 2020.2 but I can’t locate the videos for this as well.

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You can find a lot of useful information on Bernd’s Blog - in most cases he has code examples. With regards to CamundaCon talks - his 2018 talk is here and the list of 2019 talks are here:

Hi Niall, thank you for that, his blog had been very informative. That’s where I saw there link to the 2020.2 keynote he was to give but I guess did not.

Well CamundaCon 2020.2 won’t be happening until the 8th and 9th of October :slight_smile: