Read all the outgoing transitions from the current activity at runtime

I have a simple cyclic review process between Review A & Review B. When workflow is initiated execution token arrives at Review A and that task is assigned to some user called USER A.

In the custom task list we display the task items needed action by USER A & USER B based on the logged in user id. Each task has to perform a action based on available transitions defined in the model.

Lets say USER A logged in to the task list and found few action items need to perform. From Review A activity the possible transitions are “End Workflow, Submit for Review-B, Conditional Update”.

So when token arrives at the activity Review A, we need to read all those outgoing transitions from the activity Review A and display in the web page to select the action by USER A.

  1. The way I model the bpmn is correct or need to use exclusive gateway for this scenario?

  2. Whenever token arrives at any waiting state, how to read what are the outgoing sequences from that activity?

review.bpmn (8.5 KB)

Any update on this topic?