Receive Task example code in Camunda cloud


How do we publish message and complete the receive task in Camunda Cloud.

Can you please post sample code to implement in Java/Rest API.


Hi @Geetha_k

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Camunda 8 (nee Cloud) uses gRPC as it’s primary over-network protocol (rather than REST) You can read here in the docs about how you might want to send a message and complete a task.

If you’re using the Zeebe Client though you can use something like this:

  final PublishMessageResponse response = client.newPublishMessageCommand()
                .variables("{\"TimeSent\":\""+ timestamp.toString()  +"\"}")
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Hi Niall,

Thanks for the response. I tried the same Zeebe client sample code you shared here, but still the task is waiting for the response and the operate I could see an incident with below message "failed to evaluate expression ‘msg’: no variable found for name ‘msg’.

Could you please help me here.


Hi Niall,

I am able to resolve the issue. Thanks for your input.

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