Receive Task Execution Problems

I am using a send task to which the following Javadelegate class is attached.

String buskey = (String) execution.getBusinessKey();

The process is structured in a way that depending on the variable after a gateway a Send follows a Receive Task. The Receive Task is configured with the “Message Name: Einladung”.

I don’t get an error message, but the Incident runs via the Send Task to the Receive Task, but the Receive Task is not triggered.

Through older posts regarding this topic I came across the configuration option Asynchronous Continuations. However, this does not solve my problem. Maybe because I did not implement it correctly.

I have been stuck on this problem for several days, so I urgently need help.

Many thanks in advance

@Alex2 can you upload your BPMN?

Test.bpmn (9.9 KB)

This is just a test process where I test the functions I need for my project and want to use them analogously. But the process of the main project is too complex to test things in it.

For the Send and Receive Event the Java Delegate works.

Any suggestions how i can solve my problem?

Is the process you uploaded sending a message to itself?
If so, it wouldn’t be triggered. It would probably fail with an error saying no process matched the criteria.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes the message is sent within the process, with the aim that the Send Task triggers the following Receive Task. If I interpret your answer correctly, then messages can only be sent between processes. Therefore I have simply remodelled my main process so that the combination of consecutive Send and Receive Tasks within one process no longer occurs.