Receive task with timeout


using Camunda Modeler and the Java API in a WildFly-environment,
at a certain stage of a Workflow, I would like to wait for an incoming message. The Receive Task seems to be the option of choice there.

But – I would like to set a deadline for message reception, preferably as a property of the task, which is evaluated in code. When the deadline is reached, I would like to receive a notification, which can trigger a programmatical reaction (i.e., abort the workflow and write a system log entry in the application).

I could not find such a property, so maybe the standard Camunda/BPMN way is something else for this functionality?


This is a good use case for a timer boundary event - I’ve created an example here:

Hello Niall

Thank you very much for input, which pointed me in the right direction. Moreover, it broadened my understanding of BPMN together with Camunda.


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