Receive Zeebe user task events

Starting with Camunda 8.5, the Zeebe engine became the only component responsible for managing the state of a user task with the introduction of the new user task type – Zeebe User Task. Each operation on a such a user task, including create, assign, update, and complete, emits an event.

Interested in receiving Zeebe user task events? E.g. for integrating them in your application or building a custom tasklist?

Thanks to Philipp Ossler, who updated the zeebe-exporter-protobuf library to fully support Camunda 8.5 events :+1:, we now have as well a new version 1.0.0 of the Zeebe Redis Exporter supporting Camunda 8.5 together with Zeebe user task events.

It’s as easy as this:

final RedisClient redisClient = RedisClient.create("redis://localhost:6379");
final ZeebeRedis zeebeRedis = ZeebeRedis.newBuilder(redisClient)
        .addUserTaskListener(userTask -> { ... })



Awesome @VonDerBeck
I think Redis is an ideal choice for this use case.