Receiving EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR intermittently for the same event


I was checking the utility of zeebe in a POC. Where i encountered the following error.
“EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR” for the same message sometimes. The workflow execution succeeds sometime but give the error that “Failed to extract the correlation-key by ‘event_correlation_id’: no value found”
I have used ‘event_correlation_id’ as my correlationkey and it’s value is a string UUID which is the part of the payload(message) i send and retrieve it from the message.

I am taking reference from “flowing-retail/kafka/java/order-zeebe/src/main/java/io/flowing/retail/kafka/order at master · berndruecker/flowing-retail · GitHub

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@gshashank5 it sounds like sometimes the payload of the message is not matching the correlation key and in such cases it will fail. I imagine that if the message listener is trying to extract a null value you will get that error.

@jwulf Thanks. The article was helpful to resolve the issue.

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@gshashank5 can you mark the answer from @jwulf as solution then? Thanks