Recommended Replacement for Angular JS in Tasklist

Dear Community/Camunda,

currently, the Camunda Docs recommend to use AngularJs for Embedded Forms: Available API |

Though, AngularJs’ support will end by end of the year:

What will be the officially recommended library for embedded forms?

For cockpit plugins it is now possible to use an arbitrary library: All New Frontend Plugin System for Cockpit starting with Camunda BPM 7.14 - Camunda

Furthermore, there is an official example about how to use react in the Tasklist: camunda-bpm-examples/usertask/task-form-embedded-react at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub

In this example, however, I need to adapt the Standard Camunda Tasklist, which I’d prefer not to.

So, will React be the officially recommended library for Embedded Forms and will React replace AngularJs as default integrated library? Or will there be no default integration anymore, so you always have to integrate a library of your choice yourself?

We are in the same position of using AngularJS in the tasklist and need to update to Angular or another front-end framework. When will this be available in Camunda as it is giving us very little time to update our systems?

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hello @Duncan-Cooper
i have the same problem as you
i want to update cockpit interface to angular 13 it is possible or not ?
thanks you to help me by advice

Hi @frontend_developer

It’s pretty hard to upgrade the WebApps form AngularJS as there isn’t really a direct migration path.
At the moment though we’re going to ensure that users who are worried about security vulnerabilities can rest assured. In the coming release we’re going to exchange AngularJS to a supported alternative called XLTS

You can read about this in more detail here:

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Hi @Niall
thank you for reply
Has anyone had success integrating Cockpit (open source version) into an Angular application or in most cases it is used as a standalone component ?

I don’t really know - i’m also a little confused about why you want to integrate Cockpit into another application. Can you explain the use case in more detail.

Because i need to integrate it to my private platform who is developed by angular 12

Are there specific features of cockpit you want to use?

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I will use all standard features exist of the cockpit and I have a some specific feature

@Niall has the support for XLTS license already released in camunda 7.17? Is there any documentation around how to upgrade camunda to use this license

Hey @harish_malavade,

We haven’t shipped any releases with XLTS for AngularJS yet. We currently expect that the end of May patches and the alpha we publish in June will have it. For users, there will be no special update activities required, since it’s pretty much just a drop-in replacement for regular AngularJS. Just perform the regular Camunda update.

Edit: we will inform about the details of the XLTS license on this page at latest when the releases are out: Third-Party Libraries |



It might be easier to use the libraries to build the features into your existing front end.

I am using Camunda modeler to draw my workflow. However, I want to package the cockpit with my Angular application in order to have a BPM monitoring solution in the same frontend, as I understood from our discussion. It is not possible to embed Cockpit in an Angular 12 application. Am I right?

I’m not sure i’ve ever heard of someone successfully doing that.
But lots and lot of people have implemented Cockpit’s features in their own frontends using the underlying libraries - which have no such dependency on any version of Angular.

So i would suggest you take a look at doing that instead of trying to adapt cockpit as it currently stands.