Recovery my BPMN Diagram

Fichier recup.bpmn (948 Bytes)
My computer shut down by mistake. But I had already made a BPMN diagram and saved it when I created it.
After restarting, the diagram is displayed but an error log message. Is it possible to recover all my work? I put you the txt file of the error messages?

service accueil.bpmn (55.6 KB)

Do not create duplicate posts for the same issue.
You’ve already posted here and here - so i’m going to lock them.

I think i was able to recover some of the model.
service accueil fix.bpmn (51.2 KB)

Also to avoid this i’d suggest using cawemo (if this is for diagramatic purposes) or sign up to use the Camunda 8 web modeller (if you’re modelling for execution)

Oh thank you Niall for this file. It’s not bad, I’ll try with this one already.

But is it possible to recover everything? By the way, I found the rep file generated by the tool? can we use it?
service rep.bpmn (10.9 KB)