Redeploy modified decision definition at runtime using rest

How can we re-deploy modified decision definition at runtime using rest ?

All deployment calls
can be found here in the docs
“create” will help you

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Thanks @Niall for your reply. While creating the deployment I am getting below error:

ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: The deployment contains definitions with the same key ‘decisionTest’ (id attribute), this is not allowed

can you please upload
the DMN file you used
and i’ll try to help

file2.dmn (1.2 KB)

This is a dummy dmn file which are trying to check if a modified dmn can be uploaded again as per one of our usecase.

Thanks again.

That should work just fine
It’s quite a common use case
I will test it now

Deploying was fine.
An update also worked to
You can see versions:

I used the same call
changed the model between calls
no problem occurred

Could it be that you added the same file twice to the deployment? That would explain the exception.

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Hi @Niall, How did you deploy the 2nd version ?? Which rest api did you use ?

exactly the same one as used the first time with out any changes

Thanks @Niall. It worked, looks like I doing something wrong earlier.