Redirect localhost:8080 to customize URL

Hi we have deployed camunda workflow on our internal server. By default, when we hit http://localhost:8080/ it redirects us to location “* /app/ *” (http://localhost:8080/app/)
However, we’d like this behavior to change and we’d like to redirect the URL to /workflowcamunda/app/

Is there any way we can change this behavior?


This can be done by changing the processes engine application properties.
You can take a look at the docs here.

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Hi Thanks Nial, while looking into the link I’m not really sure what property value I should update (or specifically what should be the format for updating the URL header response). By any chance do you know which property value I should update in application.yaml file in order to achieve above mentioned functionality. Thanks.

According to the docs this should be the property you’ll want to change.

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Yes I thought the same, I was wondering if there was some example I could look into. In order to achieve above functionality, in what format I should provide the value?

For example, I want the default behavior of localhost:8080/ to return localhost:8080/workflowcamunda/app

Do you know how I can do that? Thanks

I’ve tried updating the property in following format.

  .application-path: /workflowcamunda/app/

but it didn’t achieve the above functionality, the localhost:8080 behaved in the default way, it didn’t redirect the URL to localhost:8080/workflowcamunda/app

Is there any example available I can look into to redirect the localhost:8080 response to localhost:8080/workflowcamunda/app

Would appreciate any guide/advice/tip. Thank you

Here’s the solution, put the following line into the application.yaml file and it will work

server.servlet.context-path: /workflowcamunda
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