Redo past activity (on request) in BPMN flow while waiting on current task

I have a scenario where I am sending email to customer and waiting for them to click on link in the email to complete signup. There is scenario where customer request for same email again as they may have lost it, so in the BPMN flow, can I redo any of the previous activity on request while waiting on a particular task?

Easier option I thought of was to end the current job and start a fresh job for such scenario but I feel that is an overkill as requirement is just resend the lost email.

Appreciate any help/advice to achieve this in Camunda.

I’m not sure if going back in the process would be the best option.
Instead i would advice implemented a “resend” by having a non-interrupting message event on the user task. This would mean the user can request a response as often as they need to without leaving the task.
There is an example here:


Sounds great and makes lots of sense as well, thanks for quick revert.