Regarding Camunda7.19's batch processing feature, it does not work consistently in MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Hi, in the process of using Camunda 7.19 we found that “batch”, it behaves inconsistently on MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.Also, this inconsistency caused Camunda 7.19 to produce errors or exceptions using batch processing on PostgreSQL.
Environmental Information:

In MySQL, Camunda’s batch processing function works normally, and the batch operation returns an array like this, updateCounts={1,1,1,1,1,1,1}.
In the PostgreSQL environment, Camunda’s batch processing function produces errors or exceptions, and the batch operation returns an array like this, updateCounts={7,0,0,0,0,0,0}.
This discrepancy will cause Camunda to execute the structure of the database as an error or exception when using the batch function in the PostgreSQL environment.
Use Debug to locate the location where the error or exception is generated: orgcamundabpmcamunda-engine7.19.0camunda-engine-7.19.0-sources.jar!orgcamundabpmengineimpldbsql, the error method is postProcessBatchSuccess().
Would like to know if this difference is an issue with the engine, not with the database itself. At the same time, what are the current ways to resolve this discrepancy. Will a subsequent version of Camunda fix this issue?