Regarding the problem of how to horizontally scale the directly deployed brokers and gateway clusters in the Linux environment

Recently I wanted to use a cluster for stress testing.
I have two questions and hope to get help:

  1. In the Linux environment, how to horizontally expand the broker and gateway. Because the configuration has been fixed at the initial startup.
    I saw this sentence in the official documentation.‘The configuration will be applied during startup of Zeebe. It is not possible to change the configuration at runtime.’
    2.How did gateway find the broker, because it has a configuration
    ‘# Cluster:
    # Sets the broker the gateway should initial contact
    # This setting can also be overridden using the environment variable ZEEBE_GATEWAY_CLUSTER_CONTACTPOINT.
    # contactPoint: ’
    It seems that only one broker address is configured.

@wenminglei hi there…
Are you running with Docker Compose?

  1. For that expanding the topology of the cluster dynamically is not possible, but there is work being done around that topic to enable that in the future
  2. If you run in Kubernetes, the contactPoint is set to a loadbalancer to contact all the brokers, I think that when you run locally you can set the list of all the brokers that are running.

hi @salaboy
I did not use Docker Compose to run. Direct use of Linux to run commands. ’./Bin/broker --spring.config.location = file: ./config/broker.yaml’. I encountered a problem when starting the cluster in this way. I created a new topic and hope to get your help.
Thanks in advance! !

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