Register a kafka listener in shared process engine

Hi folks,

I am looking to build a camunda kafka connector. I have created a source/sink model so that any BPM process can send/receive a message to kafka. I am creating a plugin for modeler now for ease of integration.

I am stuck at one feature, how to use kafka messages to kick start a camunda process in shared engine. I know I can ask BPMN developers to write a java code to kickstart their process on each kafka message and package the BPM process in JAR/WAR and deploy in shared engine.
But I would like to make it as simple as possible i.e. users don’t need to write any java code, just take the library, place it inside lib folder of shared engine. So, just configure it in modeler and deploy BPMN xml directly over rest service.


Would it be possible to develop such a model? As soon as BPM process is deployed, a kafka consumer is automatically started in Tomcat and it will kick start the process on each new message.

Thanks for any pointers.

I have already look into these projects:

Hi - We are interested in something very similar. Have you figured out how to implement this?

If you’re looking for a code example you can take a look at this, built as an example by Norbert from our consulting team

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Hi . So basically, integration with Kafka / RabbitMQ / other systems is not supported by Camunda itself , but rather by the host of the process engine ( Spring Boot for example ) .
Is this correct ?

I’d say this applies to everything. Camunda is a very focused product. All the integration with the world outside the engine must be done by the application code.