Regular Expression Pattern not working


I have encountered a non-functioning regular expression validation. I am working on a form in the modeler. When I fill in some regex validation of a text field, it appears in the raw JSON under regularExpressionPattern. However, this is not reflected, when the form is then displayed in Tasklist.

When I replace regularExpressionPattern by pattern in the JSON of the form, the validation works fine in the Tasklist. Are the versions of my platform and modeler incompatible? Where can I find some information on the compatibility?
I use:

  • camunda-bpm-run-7.15.0
  • camunda-modeler-4.10.0-linux-x64


now I encounter the same for:

  • camunda-bpm-run-7.16.0
  • camunda-modeler-4.11.0-linux-x64

Would you mind sharing the form and how to reproduce the steps. I would recommend try it out in windows modeler version too.

I’d second this.
My regexp actually is :

But it doesn’t work even with the singlest of regexps : ([a-zA-Z]+)

same here. win10, camunda 7.16, modeller 4.11.1.

replacing regularExpressionPattern by pattern in the JSON file as suggested by Rafi fixed it.

To reproduce simply follow Niall’s tutorial video: Camunda Platform Tutorial: Building a Process and Adding Forms in Camunda Run - YouTube

issue still exists in modeler 5.0.0, logged an issue on github:

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