Relation and Box Functions

Is there support for Relation and box functions? As describe by the omg spec Decision Model and Notation (DMN) v 1.1 May 2016, section &

Hi @rlario,

currently, these elements are not supported.

Do you need them for modeling or execution?
Can you say more about your use case?

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Hi Philipp,

I’m trying to assess the level of support for the spec and the road map for doing so. I would need both support for modeling and execution, but execution is a priority; modeling is import too.

I’m trying to determine how fit DMN is for modeling clinical knowledge (as an example Clinical Quality Measures

Hi Robert,

when you have a look at the reference guide you can see what is currently supported by the Camunda DMN engine.
If you need more FEEL support then you can also use the FEEL community extension. If you need support for more DMN elements (e.g. relation, boxed function) then you have to wait. Currently, I’m working on an extension to fill this gap.

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