Release Note for Camunda 7.19

Hello, is there a release note for the version 7.19?

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Another topic was recently opened with the same question, I don’t know if you are from the same company or just a big coincidence hehehe! :sweat_smile:

Below is the link to Camunda’s official blog, on the releases page.

Here you can find the releases for all versions of Camunda, including 7.19 alpha 2 / alpha 3 / alpha 4.

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William Robert Alves

HI @WilliamR.Alves , Thank you for the reply ,

Yes we can use these alpha versions for that , :+1:

Any idea why 7.19 release note is not there since it’s released around April 2023 ?

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For 7.19 and onwards, the Camunda 7 minor releases are published as part of one blog post together with the Camunda 8 release that takes place at the same time. Here is the C7 content you are looking for: Camunda Platform 8.2: The Key to Scaling Automation | Camunda



Thank you @thorben