Release of Template Generator v1.4 and Mail Thymeleaf Connector

We proudly present the Template Generator for Camunda Connectors v1.4 with tons of new features. It automatically generates the template JSON from annotated request classes and also handles the request deserialization. An excerpt of the most powerful features in my opinion:

  • Changes only have to be done at one place because the template is generated, helps to avoid typos
  • The request can be partitioned by group (all properties of the class are in this group by default) or by a choice dropdown (all properties of the class are visible by default if the corresponding choice is selected), this makes navigation a lot easier
  • Because of the defaults and automated error corrections (e.g. disabling feel for dropdowns) we have to write much less code
  • Full schema covered, nothing can’t be done, it’s even possible to specify a post processor to directly modify the generated schema (although that shouldn’t be required unless you want to dynamically populate dropdowns)
  • Can be fully integrated with maven so the template JSON is automatically generated each time we package the project

tl;dr it can save you a lot of time when developing and maintaining custom connectors

With the Mail Thymeleaf Connector you can send localized and personalized emails with data from variables. It is based on the template generator and uses standard spring mechanisms to send mails and resolve mail templates and messages.


Hi @deborah621, do you have a question?

If you are wondering about the keycloak part (I don’t know from where you have that) but it is true: Originally the connector could automatically resolve users/groups/roles from keycloak but the whole keycloak part was removed and everything refactored, because we thought it should be a connector on its own.