Remove 'Complete' & 'Save' button from embedded html forms

I’m using embedded forms in user task and having custom html page created. The page is displaying properly in task list also. My custom html has its own submit/cancel button using which I would like to decide my flow.
But now I’m not finding way to remove complete and save button (of default camunda forms) from tasklist.
Is there any way for it?

Hello @pramod_Rajane ,

one possible workaround/quick win is disabling/removing the button by id either from dom api or with the angular api. For this, you could use either an event listener or the script directly.

If this becomes a constant use case, you could think about shipping a plugin that does this modification for you.

Hope this helps


You mean removing these two button by id while loading custom page?

Hello @pramod_Rajane ,

yes this would be my approach. You said it a lot easier, thanks for that :slight_smile:


Thanks @jonathan.lukas

One more query, with the same form. I’m trying to populate values from my process. I have done input/output mapping for this form. However I see black values and not form fields populated with mapped values.

My question is, can we use this form with prepopulating value and not entering new values?

My scenario > show error details on this form and by checking details (readonly), use should able to do retry or abort process.
So error details I have to populated in this form field.

Hello @pramod_Rajane ,
using the attribute cam-variable-name and cam-variable-type on an input-Tag of your embedded form, this field should show the content of the provided process variable.
Find more information about it here:


I finally found an easy solution that is working for me:

Camunda forum - remove save button

Just add the following script somewhere in your static html file and it will remove the complete and save button.

<script cam-script type="text/form-script">
	$scope.options.hideCompleteButton = true;
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