Remove "old" Processes (renamed)

Hi. I was not sure what to name my processes when I started defining them and therefore changed them quite a couple of times. There are no running instances of these “old” processes but when I try and start a new process these old, incorrectly, named processes can be selected. Once you do this I then get an error that this process is no longer available (the form is no longer there). How do I get rid of these old entries in the list of processes? I am running version 7.13.0 → I cannot update as I have a lot of processes still using AngularJS.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ursus
If I correctly understand the problem then you just need to delete the “old” deployments.
Either from Cockpit - Deployments


or using REST API

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I was just going to answer the same :slight_smile:

You can delete the deployments that contained the process definitions, which will also remove the older process definitions. That can be done through Cockpit ans @Alex_Voloshyn pointed out, or though the API, with Java or REST.

In the long run, you might want to consider automatically deleting “old” definitions (and/or) deployments, but the business rules to determine which ones are old is very context-dependent. In some environments, anything that’s not the most recent and doesn’t have any running instances can be removed, in others, you might need to support some older versions, for instance if you can’t migrate instances. In many cases, starting to use version tags and defining them with semantic versioning can be very helpful to your future clean-up efforts.