Remove scheduled task

I have a scheduled Task that I no longer need (the delegate no longer exists in my Java code), I have removed all processes instances i.e. the Camunda Processes Dashboard shows 0 Incidenses and 0 Running Instances. How do I remove this process from the list of process definitions?

Hi @ursus
As if you need to delete process definition you can use Cockpit - Deployments or REST API.

Hi @Alex_Voloshyn I tried using a Admin user and using Cockpit - Deployments but I cannot seem to find a delete button?


wow - thank you very much - I was looking to the right at the test_form.form level. Just one last question - as long as there are no running instances I can just delete the deployment and when I next deploy my application I will only get the current Processes - is that correct?

Once you delete the deployment you will see only the remaining(current) process definitions in the Cockpit.
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